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Ski Quest is the new way to enjoy the slopes of your favourite ski areas. Think scavenger hunt, treasure trail, orienteering, on skis… all in one awesome app. Collect checkpoints, solve puzzles & win prizes whilst supporting a great charity and unlocking exclusive rewards from our partners including Snow+Rock, Iglu Ski, Erna Low and many more.

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Reach checkpoints to find clues
Solve puzzles to win prizes
Compete in hidden challenges

Supporting two great charities to help enrich children’s lives!

Who can take part?

There's a Ski Quest for all abilities. Families, teams, corporate groups... anyone!

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Just £15 per team or family

Ski Quest is the new way to enjoy your time on the piste. We've plotted virtual checkpoints all over the biggest ski areas, and participants use our app to check in at each point. The challenge is all in the route planning. On reaching points, you'll uncover clues, fun facts, promotional offers and secret missions/challenges. It's a really fun way to gamify your time on the slopes.

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Discover Ski Quest experiences

Andorra (2)

2x Ski Quests  |  2x Resorts
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Austria (2)

2x Ski Quests  |  1x Resorts
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France (20)

20x Ski Quests  |  14x Resorts
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Italy (3)

3x Ski Quests  |  2x Resorts
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Switzerland (2)

2x Ski Quests  |  1x Resorts
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Collect checkpoints

When you think you have reached a checkpoint, hit the locate button and we’ll tell you if you’re in the right place or not.

Plan your Route

We’ve plotted the points but it’s up to you to plan your route. Use your Ski Quest Piste Map to view checkpoints and your in-app map to check your GPS location against each.

Collect Clues

Behind some checkpoints you’ll find clues which you can use to solve the Ski Quest puzzle. The more checkpoints you reach, the more clues you will unlock!

Challenge Yourself!

Ski Quest offers you a range of challenges to take part in. Reach all the checkpoints, solve the puzzle, share your story along the way – we have some great prizes and offers for those that complete Ski Quest!

Collect checkpoints
Plan your Route
Collect Clues
Challenge Yourself!

Other ways to be part of Ski Quest

Larger groups or bespoke packages?

If you are a larger group or want to create a bespoke event package to participate in Ski Quest 2023, please do get in touch and we’ll try and put something together for you.

Support Us

We want to really put Ski Quest on the map this year and we’d love any support, press mentions and referrals that can help us spread the word. If you can help us please drop our team an email

Partnership & Sponsorship

We have a limited number of partnership and sponsorship packages on offer for brands to allow you to be part of Ski Quest this year and in future years. Find out more here:

Why Ski Quest?

It’s the new way to enjoy your time on the slopes

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