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We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to take part, if you are skiing in a group, team or family then we’d assume you will all ski together, so you’ll only need to purchase one entry. Within the app you set up your ‘team name’.

Step 1

Select and purchase your event entry which includes your Ski Quest access code.

Step 2

Download our Ski Quest app on Android or iOS and input your access code.

Step 3

Get yourself to the Alps and get your Ski Quest underway!

Everything you need to get started

For just £15

Event entry includes:

  • - 1 x Access code for your selected Ski Quest
  • - Piste map with checkpoints marked
  • - Exclusive access to discounts & rewards from our partners
  • - A chance to win some great prizes!
  • - Explorer kudos :-)
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Rewards - tell me more!

We've lined up some great rewards for you. Save money, have fun - win, win!

Ski Quest FAQs

Does the app use GPS and will it drain my battery?
The app uses GPS to locate you and to check if you are at one the checkpoints. It only uses GPS while you have the app open though (ensure you select this option when installing). This ensures battery use is minimised.
Do I need a mobile signal to use the app?
The app uses GPS and also requires a data connection to talk to our clever systems this end. It’s very data light though and we’re working on an “offline” version as we speak!
The app thinks I am at a different checkpoint to where I am?
Some Quests have checkpoints fairly close together and occasionally your device might suggest it’s GPS position is not where you are at. This can often happen if you are moving swiftly between checkpoints! We’d suggest closing the app and re-opening and it should hopefully give a more accurate GPS position.
Can I change my Ski Quest for another location?
Yes, of course! We know that plans change and you might not even have booked your trip yet. Once you have purchased a Ski Quest, assuming you have not started it, you are welcome to contact us at team@skiquest.app and we'll swap it for another one of our locations, no problem!
I've never heard of Ski Quest
Haha, that's because we are new! We've been running 'Quests' in the UK for 2 years now across holiday parks and other partner destinations. We always wanted to take it back to the snow though, where we first came up with the concept. Being the new kid on the block is tough, though, so if you take part and love it, then spread the word!
Why Ski Quest?

It’s the new way to enjoy your time on the slopes.

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