What is Ski Quest

The new way to enjoy the slopes

We’ve plotted checkpoints all over your favourite ski areas.

All you have to do is reach ALL the checkpoints whilst you are out skiing or boarding. The checkpoints are virtual GPS locations so you’ll need our Ski Quest app to pinpoint them. Don’t worry though, we’ve made life easy for you, by creating a ski map with all the points marked.

Checking in at points unlocks clues and content only viewable when you get there – including exclusive promotions from our partners, challenges, fun facts and secret missions.

Can you complete Ski Quest?

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Can you hit all checkpoints on your Ski Quest during your trip? Each checkpoint you reach will uncover some hidden nuggets of information, fun facts, secret missions… and some points will offer you clues. Use these clues to solve the Ski Quest Puzzle.

Points are normally located at the top or bottom of ski lifts, outside restaurants or at obvious stopping points. We’ve created Ski Quests for all abilities – some allowing the experienced skier to get all over the mountain and others for those who enjoy the easier blue and green run skiing.

You can follow our live updates here on the site to see how you did.

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Complete to win!

Everyone who completes Ski Quest will be entered into a Prize Draw!

Success is all in the planning

Have you ever found yourself without a clear plan for you day on the slopes? Ski Quest gives you that purpose each day. You’ll need to plan your day to ensure you hit as many checkpoints as you can. We’ll take you to all corners of the ski area, some areas you might not have explored before.

Use our Ski Quest app to verify your location and ‘check in’ at each checkpoint.
Some checkpoints will give you a clue. Collect these to solve our Ski Quest puzzle.

Supporting two great charities to help enrich children’s lives!

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Why Ski Quest?

It’s the ultimate app for motivating your inner explorer.

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