Tignes Mountain Dash

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Who will come out on top, the true Ski Club Champions? It's game on🤙

8 checkpoints to locate
Find clues to solve the puzzles
Secret Missions + Challenges

Assemble your team, plan your route and take on the Tignes Mountain Dash

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Prizes to be won!

As well as prizes for the first to finish the Ski Quest and first to solve the puzzle, there will be some hidden challenges and missions within the adventure with more chances to win!

And if you are not on the mountain but would like to take part in some of the secret missions and challenges, send a Whatsapp to Simon (07867 538 927) and we’ll ping you some top secret details.

Shhh, Secret Mission

As you collect your checkpoints, keep your eye out for secret missions for bonus prizes!

Getting started is easy

Step 1:

Request your Ski Quest access code

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Step 2:

Download the Ski Quest app

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Collect checkpoints

When you think you have reached a checkpoint, hit the locate button and we’ll tell you if you’re in the right place or not.

Plan your Route

We’ve plotted the points but it’s up to you to plan your route. Use your Ski Quest Piste Map to view checkpoints and your in-app map to check your GPS location against each.

Collect Clues

Behind some checkpoints you’ll find clues which you can use to solve the Ski Quest puzzle. The more checkpoints you reach, the more clues you will unlock!

Challenge Yourself!

Ski Quest offers you a range of challenges & missions to take part in. Reach all the checkpoints, solve the puzzle, share your story along the way – we have some great prizes and offers for those that complete Ski Quest!

Collect checkpoints
Plan your Route
Collect Clues
Challenge Yourself!

Ski Quest FAQs

Do I need mobile signal to take part?

Yes, we need a data connection on your mobile (3G/4G). We use GPS to locate you and need a data connection to beam your position up to our mission control room 🙂

Do all team members need to check in?

No! As a team, just one of you needs to have the app and check in to each point.

Can we track everyone's progress?

To right you can, wouldn’t be competitive otherwise would it.. check out your leaderboard at https://skiquest.app/live/skiclub