Legal & Contingency Ski Quest

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We're bringing you a new way to explore the 3 Valleys, whilst giving you the chance to win prizes 🤙

50 checkpoints to locate
Find clues to solve the puzzles
Prizes including a £200 Ellis Brigham voucher, Goggles and t-shirts

Take on the Legal & Contingency Ski Quest challenge at PropSki 2024!

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Ready to cover some miles...?

Legal & Contingency and Ski Quest have teamed up to create a PropSki event like no other. Enjoy skiing with colleagues and contacts whilst covering the whole 3 Valleys ski area and checking into checkpoints along the way. Check out the leaderboard as you go and, if you manage to cover the most points before 1600 on Tuesday 23rd January, you’ll win £200 of Ellis Brigham vouchers! 🏆

This year will be slightly different than previous years – there will be no team event, and no challenges as part of the main event. Simply ski and check in at the points! (In the event of a draw, the winner will be drawn from a Propski woolly hat at the Mid-week Forum on Tuesday evening!)

If you’re a beginner (we’ll know this – so no cheating!) there’s a separate challenge for you in the Val Thorens valley (no need for a full 3 Valleys lift pass). Win this and you’ll get a brand new pair of premium goggles for your hard work.

Checkpoints = Points

Each checkpoint is worth 1 PropSki point, so get collecting!


Collect checkpoints

When you think you have reached a checkpoint, hit the locate button and we’ll tell you if you’re in the right place or not.

Plan your Route

We’ve plotted the points but it’s up to you to plan your route. Use your Ski Quest Piste Map to view checkpoints and your in-app map to check your GPS location against each.

Collect Clues

Behind some checkpoints you’ll find clues which you can use to solve the Ski Quest puzzle. The more checkpoints you reach, the more clues you will unlock!

Challenge Yourself!

Ski Quest offers you a range of challenges & missions to take part in. Reach all the checkpoints, solve the puzzle, share your story along the way – we have some great prizes and offers for those that complete Ski Quest!

Collect checkpoints
Plan your Route
Collect Clues
Challenge Yourself!

Points, Prizes, and Piste glory!

This activity will be active Sunday, Monday and Tuesday only. As soon as you start hitting checkpoints you’ll appear on the live leaderboard. Will you be crowned our 2024 K/QOM…?

In the event of a draw, the winner will be drawn from a Propski woolly hat at the Mid-Week Forum on Tuesday evening 🎉

Bonus Puzzle
There is also a chance to be entered into the official Ski Quest season-long prize draw for some awesome prizes from their partners (incl Snow+Rock, Ski Club, Inghams and more). All you have to do is collect the letters from the checkpoints you find and put them together to guess the hidden phrase.

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Getting Underway

1. Enter your code

Open the app and enter your access code.

2. Input your name

This year it’s an individual Quest so pop your full name in where it says Team Name.

3. Hit the slopes

Get out there and start tracking down the points. When you are at a checkpoint, hit the orange button on the home screen of app to “check in”. Good luck!