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Get ready to shred up the piste on the 26th Jan! 🤙

5 checkpoints to locate
Find clues to solve the puzzles
A Secret Mission + Challenges

Thurs 26th Jan - Gather your team of four, or fewer, and take on our mountain challenge!

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Your 2023 PropSki comes down to this epic day!

With only 5 checkpoints to collect, teams of four, or fewer, will battle it out on the Legal & Contingency mountain team challenge! It’s all about maximum points and speed!

Once you successfully reach a checkpoint you will be greeted with a challenge where you’ll have the chance to earn bonus points which will be added to your final score. The winning team will win a pair of goggles for each member. Plus a few bubbles to celebrate!

As Eddie the Eagle once said. “unless you try, you’ll never know” 🦅

Checkpoints = Points

Each checkpoint is worth 30 PropSki points, so get collecting!

How it works...
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Find, compete, earn bonus points!
L&C prizes to be won!

Goggles to be won for each member of the winning team. Plus a few bubbles to celebrate!

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