LuvSki 2024 Ski Quest

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Stop playing kiss chase and come on an epic adventure with us! 🤙

5 checkpoints to locate
Find clues to solve the puzzles
Prizes for the first 30 finishers

Find. Solve. Win!

Ready to hit the slopes for an adventure? Join us at Restaurant Le Chamois d’Or on Wednesday at 2 PM for an epic skiing experience with a competitive twist!

Navigate checkpoints, collect clues, and embark on secret missions as you conquer the slopes (Green & Blue runs). But the excitement doesn’t end there – put your wits to the test and solve the LuvSki puzzle to claim victory. Plus, the first 30 finishers will be rewarded with exclusive Jäger goodies to elevate your après-ski celebrations! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take on your fellow singles on this adventure – gather your gear and get ready to ski into LuvSki SOM status!

Look out for the NUCO rep who will be at the meeting point with a Luvski flag, to help get you on your way ✌️

Check out all the action - LIVE!

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Singles on a mission

Meet on Wednesday at Restaurant Le Chamois d'or at 2 PM to get started!


Collect checkpoints

When you think you have reached a checkpoint, hit the locate button and we’ll tell you if you’re in the right place or not.

Plan your Route

We’ve plotted the points but it’s up to you to plan your route. Use your Ski Quest Piste Map to view checkpoints and your in-app map to check your GPS location against each.

Collect Clues

Behind some checkpoints you’ll find clues which you can use to solve the Ski Quest puzzle. The more checkpoints you reach, the more clues you will unlock!

Challenge Yourself!

Ski Quest offers you a range of challenges & missions to take part in. Reach all the checkpoints, solve the puzzle, share your story along the way – we have some great prizes and offers for those that complete Ski Quest!

Collect checkpoints
Plan your Route
Collect Clues
Challenge Yourself!

Everyone ❤️s prizes!

Our good friends at Jäger have donated the perfect party pack for the first 30 Ski Quest finishers! Reach all 5 checkpoints, complete the secret missions, and solve the LuvSki puzzle to redeem your prizes and earn your SOM status… Singles Of the Mountain!

What’s in the party packs we hear you ask…?

💥 Mini shot 💥 Bandana 💥 Jäger sticker 💥 Jäger chain and shotglass


Getting started is easy

Step 1:

Request your Ski Quest access code

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Step 2:

Download the Ski Quest app

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Getting underway

1. Request an Access Code

Nearer the event, you will find a form on this page to request an access code. Simply enter your email and/or mobile number and we’ll send it to you!

2. Enter your code

Open the app and enter your access code.

3. Input your team name

We’ve assumed you’ve teamed up with your love interests to complete this awesome challenge – what you going to call yourselves?!

4. Hit the slopes

Get out there and start tracking down the points. When you are at a checkpoint, hit the orange button on the home screen of app to “check in”. Good luck!