Ski Quest

The new way to enjoy the slopes!

Ski Quest gives your guests and event attendees a new way to interact with the mountain, providing a focus and a challenge to their fun on the slopes. We’re super excited about being able to bring something new and different to the skiing community. We’d love to work with you to bring Ski Quest to your audience – give your clients something EXTRA! 💥

Collect checkpoints
Find clues, solve puzzles
Compete in challenges
Harry, LuvSki

Ski Quest did a fantastic job running an activity at our LuvSki event!

Ski Quest Benefits
A new way to interact with the mountains
We can plot Ski Quests in any resort
Skiing with purpose, enjoying challenges and winning prizes
Ski Quests for all abilities so everyone can enjoy!


Collect checkpoints

When you think you have reached a checkpoint, hit the locate button and we’ll tell you if you’re in the right place or not.

Plan your Route

We’ve plotted the points but it’s up to you to plan your route. Use your Ski Quest Piste Map to view checkpoints and your in-app map to check your GPS location against each.

Collect Clues

Behind some checkpoints you’ll find clues which you can use to solve the Ski Quest puzzle. The more checkpoints you reach, the more clues you will unlock!

Challenge Yourself!

Ski Quest offers you a range of challenges & missions to take part in. Reach all the checkpoints, solve the puzzle, share your story along the way – we have some great prizes and offers for those that complete Ski Quest!

Collect checkpoints
Plan your Route
Collect Clues
Challenge Yourself!

Challenge your clients

Your guests will love Ski Quest

We can create personalised Ski Quests in all your favourite resorts in the Alps and Pyrenees. Skiers loved the concept and we had some great feedback from participants. We’ve created bespoke Ski Quests to support a number of events and organisations in the Alps, including Propski, LuvSki, Ski for Sadie, Ski Club of Great Britain, Pilaski,

Stand out from the competition by offering a little extra. You could also build event weeks around Ski Quest, we’re here to help you make the most from it. The beauty of Ski Quest is that no physical infrastructure is needed and there is no day to day resource required to run it. Offering Ski Quest to your audiences gives you something extra and a reason for people to book with you.

Katy, Ski Club Of Great Britain

Ski Quest created a team building event for us and it went down a storm!

Minimal cost, maximum impact

Getting involved is simple!

We know you are busy people. We’ll make this super easy for you. We’ll create a Ski Quest for you, personalise content, challenges and touch points with you for one or more locations. The beauty of Ski Quest is that no physical infrastructure or day to day resourcing is needed. Whether you want to create a one off event activity or have a Ski Quest on offer for your guests all season, we can help you. Guests will access via a dual-branded landing page and you’ll also have a branded leaderboard. Checkpoints and in-app content will be created around your brand and desired approach.

Our packages start at just £750 for a personalised Ski Quest in one location but we are happy to create a bespoke offer around your needs.

Partner Package

Your personalised Ski Quest

We'll create a Ski Quest in one location for you. 8-10 checkpoints, branded content and challenges. Bring your event or guests something unique.

Quests incl.
One location
Enhanced Package

Create multiple Ski Quests

Everything in our entry package + additional Ski Quests for £250 per set up. Multiple locations or variations for different abilitiies.

Quests incl.
Why Ski Quest?

It’s the ultimate app for motivating your inner explorer.

Want to know more about Ski Quest?

Will we, a partner, need to invest much resource?

No! We’ll do all the legwork including design any marketing assets needed to help you tell your guests. In short, all we need from you is a little bit of insight to help us create your Ski Quest(s). And to let your guests know they can enjoy Ski Quest, of course!

How do your guests take part?

Through our website, skiers will access a personalised landing page. From there they will register for access. Through our Ski Quest App (available in the app stores), they then enter an access code (issued on entry) which loads up their Ski Quest. You’ll have a branded leaderboard page to allow entrants to track their progress against others.

Skiers taking part will also get exclusive access to a suite of partner rewards we’ve put together.

Do you need a phone signal to use Ski Quest?

Unlike a lot of tracking apps, our Ski Quest App won’t use GPS the whole time, only when the app is open, to locate where the skier is. A data signal is required to be able to send up check-ins and receive content as they go along. Data passed is small though.

If you'd like to find out more and give your guests a chance to be part of Ski Quest, drop us your details and we'll be in touch.

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